5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms

5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms -worksheets

Emission Spectra

Absorption Spectra

5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms -video tutorials

Atomic Energy Levels

5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms -videos

Physical Science 7.3a – The Nature of Light

Physical Science 7.3g – The Quantum Hypothesis

Physical Science 7.3h – Atoms Absorb and Emit Light

5.2 Spectra and energy levels in atoms -animations

5.1 What is light?-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

5.1 What is light?

5.1 What is light?-worksheets

Observing the Photoelectric Effect

Explaining the photoelectric effect

5.1 What is light?-video tutorials

Photons and the Photoelectric Effect

Wave-particle Duality

5.1 What is light?-videos

5.1 What is light?-animations

The Origin of Light – Quantum Theory

Physical Science 7.3d – Is Light a Particle

4.2 Complete electrical circuits-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

4.2 Complete electrical circuits

4.2 Complete electrical circuits -worksheets

Series and Parallel Resistors

Voltage Dividers

EMF and Internal Resistance


4.2 Complete electrical circuits -video tutorials

DC Circuits with Batteries and Resistors

4.2 Complete electrical circuits -videos

Physical Science 6.2b – Conductors and Insulators

Physical Science 6.5a – Series and Parallel Circuits

Physics 12.1.5a – Conductors and Insulators

Physics 12.5.1a – Simple Circuits

Physics 13.4.2b – Resistors in Parallel

Physics 13.4.2c – Resistors in Parallel

Physics 13.4.2d – Resistors in Series and Parallel

Physics 13.4.2e – Parallel Circuit Example

Physics 13.4.2f – Series and Parallel Examples

Physics 13.4.2g – Parallel Circuit Example

Physics 13.5.1a – Parallel Resistors Example

Physics 13.5.1b – Two Series Circuit Examples

Physics 13.5.1c – Three Circuit Examples

4.2 Complete electrical circuits -animations

4.1 Electrical quantities-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

4.1 Electrical quantities

4.1 Electrical quantities -worksheets

Current and Voltage

Resistance and Resistivity

4.1 Electrical quantities -video tutorials

Current, Resistance, Power

Electric Potential

4.1 Electrical quantities -videos

Physical Science 6.2a – Simple Circuits

Physical Science 6.3a – Voltage

Physical Science 6.4a – Ohm`s Law

Physical Science 6.4b – Ohm`s Law – Three Simple Examples

Physics 12.4.1a – Electric Potential and Potential Difference

Physics 12.4.1b – Electric Potential and Potential Difference, continued

Physics 12.4.2a – Voltage

Physics 12.4.2b – Voltage

Physics 13.2.1a – Electric Current

Physics 13.2.1b – Conventional Current

Physics 13.2..3a – Resistivity

Physics 13.2.2a – Ohm`s Law

4.1 Electrical quantities -animations

3.3 Light and sound-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

3.3 Light and sound

3.3 Light and sound -worksheets

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms

3.3 Light and sound -video tutorials

Sound Waves and Doppler Shift

Interference and Diffraction

Dispersion of Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Reflection and Refraction

3.3 Light and sound -videos

Physics 10.4.1c – Doppler Effect Rendering – Mach 0.7

Physics 11.1.1a – Reflection

Physics 11.1.1b – The Law of Reflection

Physics 11.2.1a Refraction

Physics 11.2.2a – Index of Refraction

Physics 11.2.2b – Index of Refraction

Physics 11.2.3a – Snell`s Law

Physics 11.2.3b – Snell’s Law Example

Physics 11.2.3c – Snell’s Law, Another Example

3.3 Light and sound -animations

3.2 The behaviour of waves-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

3.2 The behaviour of waves

3.2 The behaviour of waves -worksheets



Total Internal Reflection



3.2 The behaviour of waves -video tutorials

3.2 The behaviour of waves -videos

3.2 The behaviour of waves -animations

3.1 Language of Waves-CLICK HERE PLEASE!

3.1 Language of Waves

3.1 Language of Waves -worksheets

Properties of Waves

Wave Speed, Frequency, and Wavelength

Standing Waves

3.1 Language of Waves -video tutorials

Wave Basics

Properties of Traveling Waves

Properties of Standing Waves

3.1 Language of Waves -videos

Physical Science 7.3b – Light Waves Part 1

Physical Science 7.3c – Light Waves Part 2

3.1 Language of Waves -animations