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4.1 Electrical quantities

4.1 Electrical quantities -worksheets

Current and Voltage

Resistance and Resistivity

4.1 Electrical quantities -video tutorials

Current, Resistance, Power

Electric Potential

4.1 Electrical quantities -videos

Physical Science 6.2a – Simple Circuits

Physical Science 6.3a – Voltage

Physical Science 6.4a – Ohm`s Law

Physical Science 6.4b – Ohm`s Law – Three Simple Examples

Physics 12.4.1a – Electric Potential and Potential Difference

Physics 12.4.1b – Electric Potential and Potential Difference, continued

Physics 12.4.2a – Voltage

Physics 12.4.2b – Voltage

Physics 13.2.1a – Electric Current

Physics 13.2.1b – Conventional Current

Physics 13.2..3a – Resistivity

Physics 13.2.2a – Ohm`s Law

4.1 Electrical quantities -animations