Y12 Physics lesson resources

Y12 Physics lesson resources

Other revision items


for Sam

BLD Notes

DIG Notes

EAT Notes

HFS Notes

MDM Notes

MUS Notes

PRO Notes

SPC Notes

STA Notes

SUR Notes

TRA Notes




Basic notes for all of Unit 1

click HERE

revision cards for unit 1





Elastic Properties of Solid Materials as PDF file

Sophia’s results table

Thanks Sophia!


9 Responses

  1. any chance you can put the past exam papers on please. for this and the chemistry. cheers


    Fantastic resources

    where do you find the time?

    Do you have any suggestions for prac resourses for a school with very limited equipment eg no light gates, data loggers etc

    • I’m glad you like the blog- thanks for the comment.

      As far as practicals are concerned the only site I can suggest is Practical Physics via the IOP website.

      I do feel that the lack of dataloggers etc is no real problem; especially as a lot of this stuff tends to do the computation of the data for them- not really such a good idea, given that they need to practise this aspect.
      I hope this helps, Chris

      Kind regards


  3. this is a brilliant blog, many thanks

    have you anymore of the basic notes / revision cards for say units2,4,5?

    this would be really appreciated, especially the basic notes

    • Sam, thanks for the comment- it’s really appreciated.
      What exam board are you doing?


    • I’ve posted all the notes I have under Y12 lesson resources- I’ll look for some revision cards, but these are best made by yourself as they will force you to precis what is important and help you learn while you are doing them. Good luck


  4. Hi Tony
    We are on edexcel, i am HoP at Sydney Russell, i think your resources are fantastic, again many thanks

    could i post a link to your site on our page:

    • Sorry, Sam – I thought you were a student!
      Yes, please post it- that would be great.
      Incidentally, most of the stuff are links to other sites I’ve come across. The notes I’ve uploaded are ones based on the old Edexcel context (Salters) scheme.


  5. Brilliant revision cards very handy 🙂

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