Y13 Physics lesson resources

Y13 Physics lesson resources

STUFF FOR FRIDAY 6th January  P5

Please complete these questions for next week



Click below as part of you beautiful revision programme!

HR diagram to help you understand how a star changes throughout its life

interactive H-R  diagram with questions.

Stellar Evolution


Stellar Properties II

Light & Spectra

Sun and Solar Energy

Try these “Ranking exercises

“Old” Exam Papers + Markschemes from Edexcel

Use with care, as the specification has (obviously) changed…




Sunday 20th December

As promised- an early Christmas present for you all!

There is the exemplar past paper here PLUS a few other odds and sods you might find useful in your revision.

Happy Christmas!


Exam papers etc

Unit 4 Exemplar paper

Unit 4 Exemplar markscheme

the following questions are based on old Unit 4 papers- many questions do not apply- so use with caution!!

166 exam questions

166 exam questions ANSWERS

Tuesday 20th October 2009

POWERPOINT: Electromagnetic induction, flux and flux linkage

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